is the crew vs crew, Showcase + Battle which since more than 10 years
is looking for the best Street Dancers all Around the World. From Italy to Japan, from France to USA, from Germany to Korea.. 
we had 16 Countries involved in our tour during those years. The World Final at The Week, in Piazza Spose Dei Marinai,
has always been the main event of the Festival, in which adrenaline, music and location come together in a unique atmosphere in the world!

Street Fighters The Week The WeeKidz Street Dance Summer Camp Cesenatico Italy Workshop Stage Hip Hop Festival Best Show

2021 Edition

As you all know this year the pandemic stopped the World Tour..
but it hasn’t stopped our desire to give the crew the opportunity to perform and compete on the Week main stage!

Friday, July 16th – h 9.00pm

It will be a Unique Stage! Open to those Crews who want to represent with their Skillz!

Open: There are no age limits and divisions!

Participation is Open to Italian and Foreign Crews! 

The Crew must be composed of a minimum of 3 dancers;

The choreography must have a maximum duration of 4 minutes;

Judges: Toby Deedaran, Diablo, Sésé, Frankwa, Swan e P.Lock


To register, it is necessary to pass the selection by sending a video of the show by 20 June to;
requests must be confirmed by the organization;


In addition to the Cash Prize for the Winning Crew, there will be a Special Prize for the “Best Show”!

view the rules

 On July 9th 2021, the Disclaimer and COVID-19 Self-Certifications
will be sent by e-mail to all registered participants, according to DPCM or DL in force in July 2021 

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